Friday, 13 February 2015

cut to the chase... theatre company, Deadly Murder, Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch

David Foley's why-did-they-do-it? is so full of breakneck twists and turns that it's not always easy to follow the plot as it chops and changes on a sixpence. Or perhaps as it's an American play that should be a dime or cent.
Premièred in 2007 under the title of If/Then, at the International Mystery Writers' Festival in Kentucky, this production is the first in the UK. On this occasion director Simon Jessop was offered three plays to work on with the company. The result was something he describes as “not turning its back on our traditional and loyal audiences, but would also entice and excite new ones.”
Television star Lucy Benjamin, plays the glamorous yet neurotic, wealthy and middle aged widow Camille. It's the early hours of a night when when she has brought a toy boy she picked up back to her elegant apartment. Tom Cornish plays Billy, admittedly not the physically sleekest of toy boys, and the plot takes off from there.
It also includes Sam Pay as the apartment's night security man Ted, but I can't tell you anything more or you wouldn't be intrigued enough by the plot to go and enjoy just how intricately things pan out.
This may be a shortish review, but the play itself is a short one. We were out by nine forty five including interval, yet it packs a real punch with the totally unexpected events on stage. The three actors work their socks off on a shiny New York apartment set designed by Rodney Ford and I'm here to reassure you that the advice of the RSPCA was adhered to for the welfare of Camille's fish in their tank. Malcolm Ranson was the fight director. The production runs to February 21.
Mary Redman
February 9 2015.

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